Somali Pilgrims in Mecca acquire new service this annual pilgrimage

Mecca – (warsoor)- The director of Somali National News Agency Abdirahaman Yusuf was among Somali pilgrims who had the opportunity to see sights which the management of the Pilgrim have prepared for Pilgrims from Somalia this annual pilgrim of 2016.


These sights are in different locations including, Mina which the Pilgrims will stay for some two days and the Arafa grounds which they will be staying on Sunday the 11th of September 2016 if God wills.
“I can sense the enormous difference which has been added in the Pilgrim service compare to two years ago when I performed my Pilgrim” said Abdirahman the director of SONNA.
The SONNA director says that he has been fascinated by four things:
1-The tents which the Somali Pilgrims are living in are the 2nd best tents compare to the other tents which are given to the pilgrims from the other countries in the world.
2- The meals which are offered to the Pilgrims are very delicious and of higher quality, and on top of that the meal is free of charge.
3- The tents in Arafa grounds are of excellent quality, unlike the past couple of years.
4- There are standby medical services including ambulances and doctors who are attending the medical needs of the Pilgrims and as well performing their Pilgrim duties.
Among the Somali Pilgrims who are performing this year’s Pilgrim include the Minister for religion and bestowment, Honorable Abdikadir Baghdadi, the Minister for Agriculture honorable Ugaas Bile and the Somali ambassador to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia honorable Dahir Mohamoud Gelle.
Written by: Mohamed Omar Hussein

Source: sonna

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