Government tells total casualties of the terrorist bombing

Mogadishu – (warsoor) – Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Abdirahman Omar Osman has on Friday evening revealed the casualties of truck bomb attack at Zope Junction on 14 October, SONNA reported.

The Minister held press conference for the reporters in Mogadishu there, saying that 358 people were killed, 56 others missing while 228 people were also injured.

” We have collected the report of the casualties of the attack, It affected 642 people, 358 are dead, 56 people are missing while 228 were also injured in the attack”, The Minister said.

He said that 122 of the victims were taken to foreign countries like Turkey, Sudan and Kenyan for further treatment, adding that 99 injured ones returned to their homes after they recovered and 7 others remain in hospitals for health care.


Mohamed Osman “Black Cobra”

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