Somali deputy Prime Minister meets USA ambassador to Somalia in Nairobi

Nairobi – (warsoor) –  The deputy Prime Minister of the federal republic of Somalia H.E. Mohamed Omar Arte has in the Kenyan capital Nairobi on Wednesday met with the USA ambassador to Somalia honorable Donland Y. Yamamoto.

The two officials focused on several issues including the strengthening of the relation between the two countries, the increment of the USA support to Somalia, to take part in the merging of the Somali national army so that one nationwide national army is built, the political achievements and the challenges.

The deputy Prime Minister has thanked the government of the USA for their continues support for the Somali government and its citizens.

The USA ambassador to Somalia has on his part confessed that his government will continue supporting Somalia until stands back on its feet.

Generally the talk between the two sides has ended in understanding and amicable atmosphere.

Written by: Mohamed Omar Hussein

Source: sonna

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