We Eliminated Alshabab Remnants In The Entire Region, Says Middle Shabelle Regional Commissioner

Jowhar – (warsoor) –  The regional commissioner of the middle shabelle region honorable Ali Abdullahi Gudlawe, has on Tuesday at length talked about an operation in which the Somali government soldiers waged against Alshabab militias.

The commissioner has said that the fight against eliminating Alshabab is in its final stage.


Honorable Gudlawe has also talked about the recent fight in Run-nirgood, and said that the Somali government soldiers have made a great trail in going into a fight with Alshabab without been militarily supported by the African Union troops on the ground, he added that the soldiers conquered an area of more than 100km from Alshabab, and they are no more Alshabab militias within their region.

“I would like to thank the bravery operation which was carried out by the Somali government soldiers in eliminating Alshabab militias from the areas in which they were hiding in the middle shabelle region” said the commissioner of middle shabelle region.

On the other hand commissioner Gudlawe has sent his condolence to families and relatives of the government soldiers who died in the fight between them and the Alshabab militants in Ruun-nirgod location.

Written by: Mohamed Omar Hussein

Source: Sonna

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