Statement by Somaliland Foreign Minister on revised U.S. Executive order intended to prevent the entry of foreign terrorists

Somaliland – (warsoor) – Dr. Saad Ali Shire, Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, issued the following statement regarding the U.S. Government’s revised Executive Order intended to prevent the entry of foreign terrorists:

“The Republic of Somaliland is closely monitoring the U.S. Government’s executive orders on travel and immigration to the United States, and will continue to advocate for our citizens to be welcomed for purposes of tourism, business and education, as they have since our nation’s declaration of independence from Somalia in 1991.

“Having previously conveyed my government’s concerns regarding the Executive Order of January 27, I welcome the narrowed scope of the revised Executive Order and in particular the removal of restrictions on individuals, including Somalilanders, who have permanent U.S. residency or have previously traveled to the United States. In addition, the revised Executive Order allows for the approval of visa applications from affected countries on a case-by-case basis, which our citizens may also pursue.

“However, as Somaliland and the United States seek to advance shared security and economic interests, immigration policies directed at Somalia must not be applied to citizens of our country. During the upcoming 90-day review period established by the revised Executive Order, our government will clarify to U.S. officials its impact on our citizens and advocate for further measures that spare Somaliland from future directives. In so doing, Somaliland will also reaffirm our desire for strengthened bilateral relations and official U.S. recognition of Somaliland’s independent sovereign status.”

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