Somaliland President Lay Foundation stone Hamas to Berbera Road

Sahil – (warsoor) – Somaliland president Ahmed Silanyo along with cabinet and KULMIYE chairman delegations visited Sahil region whereas started road rehabilitation project extended road projects of the region.

An inauguration laid stone foundation held at Hamaas city. Somaliland president, KULMIYE chairman, ministry of housing, minister of National Planning, Director of Road Authority agency, Governor of Sahil Region and a mayor of Berbera district paid lecture explained the importance of the road project and other development project executed throughout of the country.

President Silanyo said, “It’s a great pleasure for me to participate in the inauguration ceremony of rehabilitation of Hamas and Hargeisa road, this is very important road. National telecommunication is very crucial thing that all people need”.


At the minister of housing of Somaliland sated, this project will be rehabilitated at around 33km which will be part of previous rehabilitation projects.

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