Demonstration against military court conviction Occurs Burao

Burao โ€“ (warsoor) – An organized protest against military court judgment occurred on Tuesday in Burao city which last in short time as Togdher governor reports to local media.

Market activities and public transportation were slight interrupted. Somaliland security force has dispersed demonstrators and city back to its normal state.


Mohamed Ibrahim Qabo governor of Togdher regions speaks government actions against protest, says, โ€œAn organized protest took part in youth and women happened in Burao. This demonstration was plotted and we have captured some of the suspicious people linked in this protestโ€.

Governor Qabo call for togdher community to keep security and stability of the region. He warned to take care those have special interest.

This protest follows with recently military court case sentenced 8 person who were accused in involving an assassination killed the police commander of Sahil Region, colonel Abdirizak Yusuf Mohamud Asseyr.

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