Somaliland President Addresses to Somaliland-Dubia Diaspora

Dubai – (warsoor) – Somaliland president E.H. Ahmed Silanyo met Somaliland-Dubia Diaspora and reported government trade deals with Dubai Port Company.

Somaliland president spoke to the ceremony guest their Dubia visit purpose the progress they reached while they stay at Dubia.

“The case we stay at Dubia is what you have already head about Berbera Port investment project and other projects related this deal. The trade deal has immense economic growth and the desirable development”. Said President Silanyo.

Mr. President Ahmed Silanyo opened international investment doors by saying, “Republic of Somaliland investment policy welcomes to everyone who have capability to investment and adhere to Somaliland bylaws and international investment laws. These investments will bring us our country for economic growth, business investment, buildings, industries, agriculture and tourism which many people we get an financial opportunities”.

At last President Silanyo acknowledges officials meet and made deals, says “I’m going to submit special gratitude to the government of U.A.E, Dubia officers, and Dubia World Company for their accommodations and the agreements we have set together which I believe and rely on to have much advantage to our people and country”.

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