Somaliland Celebrates 18 May Commemoration Day

Hargeysa – (warsoor) – Republic of Somaliland E.H. President Silanyo participated in 18 May Anniversary Day on today [Tuesday] along with its population, government officials and the various national forces at Hargeisa, capital city of Somaliland.

The 25 Anniversary was fully took part tremendous population and Somaliland army forces who made national match and salute the president.

Somaliland President E.H. Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo in his public address gratitude and congratulated the whole army and Somaliland population for 18 May commemoration Day.  The president emphases the importance of this today to this people and expect the next to be reached peace and prosperity.

In this commemoration is massively attended military forces, police armies, policy jail, anti-terrorism forces unit, naval forces, firefighters who equipped their weapons.

18 May the day Somaliland reasserted its dependence in May 18, 1991 for the rest of Somaliland. Become self-declared sovereignty state, which made its own flag, currency, passport and elected government.

Throughout the past quarter century, Somaliland was seeking international recognition from the international community whereas the most stable, security and peace in horn Africa and many more of the rest of the world.

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