Somali President officially opens national consultative forum

Mogadishu – (warsoor) – The President of the federal republic of Somalia H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has on Sunday officially opened  the national consultative forum at the State House.

This forum is basically about the unification of national and region administrations in the countrywide.

The meeting will be going on for two days and two of the main areas which the officials will be focusing on will be the political and the security issues in the country.On the political agenda the officials will be debating over the forthcoming general election in the country which will be take place in August 2016.

In the side of the security the officials in the meeting will be highly concentrating on the national security program in the country.

The notable officials attending the meeting are the President, the Prime Minister, the deputy prime Minister and Presidents of the autonomous States in the country.

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Source: Sonna


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