Ruling Party KULMIY Chairman Sends 18 May Anniversary Gratitude to Somaliland Population

Hargeisa – (warsoor) – In 25th Anniversary commemoration of Somaliland independence Mr. Muse Bihi the ruling party chairman sent to his acknowledge and congrats to all Somaliland people in country and around the world.

In a press conference, KULMIYE chairperson stated the veteran fighters who splash their blood to the independence of Somalia people and the handicapped war survivor whom he beg Allah to give his mercury and kindness.

During the past 25 years, Somaliland people has reached enormous development in terms of business and education said Mr. Bixi.

 The chairman talked in-depth the historical investment deal signed government with DP World Company which he said, this will be benefited Somaliland youth and will be expected to slightly drop-down unemployment in about 40% to 30%.

For more in-depth you can watch the below clip.

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