Region’s National Drought Rescue Committee Receives Donation from Diaspora Women

Borama – (warsoor) –  A diaspora women offered $7,700 Regional National Drought Rescue Committee in Awdal region, after transferred by diaspora women in Qadar.

A press conference held at Borama city was being acknowledged and accredited to the diaspora women by the committee.

Sheekh_dhawalSheikh Mohamed Dhawal, Chairman of Region’s National Drought Rescue Committee in Awdal region gratitude to diaspora women whom took in Somaliland drought appeal contributions, saying that, “I’ve accepted here a $7,700 drought donation endorsed by Somaliland ladies living in Qadar whom supporting severe drought hit Awdal region and the rest of Somaliland. I’m very gratitude that ladies, I’m supplicating Allah to add this donations to their deeds record”.

From February to March 2016 Awdal region accommodated critical droughts which left the lives of many children and old people as well as disappeared thousands of livestocks.

Somaliland government call for an emergency relief which fully participated in as personal, governmental as well as business entities in order to pay support to the people affects droughts. So far, it’s ongoing Somaliland regions relief activities running National Drought Rescue Committee.

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