“Fraudsters Prey on Desperate Somali Immigrants Seeking UK Residency”

Since the UK government left the European Union, there have been various people interested in either staying in the UK or moving there as they are citizens of the European Union. After the exit agreement was completed, the UK government began a process of granting residency to those who are native to European countries and wish to stay in or move to the UK.

Many people of Somali origin, who reside in several countries in Europe, have been moving to the UK in search of opportunities. However, the process of obtaining residency in the UK has not been easy and has certain requirements that must be met.

As many people have managed to meet these requirements, some people of Somali origin are now residing in the UK. Some of them charge large amounts of money to individuals for providing them with documents and other required procedures, but if the person takes too much time, their application for residency may be rejected as they failed to meet the requirements.

One of the people involved in this illegal practice is named Maxamed Jaamac, who is one of the individuals working in the Somali money transfer businesses in London. Maxamed has defrauded many Somalis residing in various countries in Europe by falsely promising to assist them in obtaining residency in the UK.

Maxamed and other individuals involved in this illegal practice have continued this for a long time. More than 49 individuals we have information about have confirmed that their applications for residency in the UK have been rejected. These individuals have different nationalities such as Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway and other European countries.

A statement from the immigration and the UK government, which we have submitted, has informed us that they will investigate this matter and we will follow up on the outcome, as per their instructions. On the other hand, we advise Somali people to be cautious of this cunning way that this individual and others like him use to defraud people in the UK, and those who have encountered such individuals should share their information with us so that we can inform the public and prevent such incidents.

Mohamed Yusuf