Federal Government Cabinet Approve Media Commission Members

Mogadishu – (warsoor) – Somalia federal Cabinet assembly approved 9 media commission members on Thursday whom are representative of private and public media, civil society and lawyers.


List of Media commission members includes:

  1. Abdiqaadir Mohamed Faarah “Dulyar”
  2. Ismael Sheikh Khalifa
  3. Abdiraxmah Yuusuf Sh “al-cadaala”
  4. Mohamed Barre X Fiyoore
  5. Abdinasir Ahmed Sheikh Bashir “saxansaxo”
  6. Omar Mustafa
  7. Abdikarim Mohamed Hassan
  8. Falxad Fuleyl X Dahir
  9. Maryama Abdi Ahmed

Somalia federal government has recently approved Mass Media Law and the Somalia federal government H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud exercised presidential decree. This allow proposed to create media commission who deal with mass media issues.


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