Djibouti President Appoints new government

 Djibouti – (warsoor) – Republic of Djibouti president Mr. Ismail Omar Gele nominated new government compose of new cabinet and outgoing government cabinet mainly.  Djibouti National Television officially announced the presidency decree press release  of the nomination.


President Ismaacil Omar Gelle appointed 23 ministries whom 11 of them are the withdrawing in term office government, which leading by Prime minister Abdiqadir Kami Mohamed, who is currently appoint

Djibouti new government cabinet list are here:

  1. Abdiqadir Kamil Mohamed – prime minister
  2. Moumin Ahmed – Minister of Justice and Judiciary Affaires
  3. Ali Guled Aboubaker – Minister of presidency and Investment
  4. Mohamed Al Yousuf – Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations
  5. Ilyan Mouse Dawale – Minster of Commerce, Economy and Industry
  6. Hassan Omar Mohamed  – Minister of Internal affaires
  7. Bodeh Ahmed Roble – Minister of Finance
  8. Ali Hassan Bahdon – Minister of Defense and Parliament Relations
  9. Mohamed Abdiqadir Mouse – Minister of Transportations and equipment
  10. Jama Ilmi – Minister of Health
  11. Moustapha Mohamed Mohamud – Minister of National Education and Vocational Training
  12. Nabil Ahmed Mohamed – Minister of Higher Education and Research
  13. Abdi Yousuf Sougueh – Minister of Communication, responsible for Posts and Telecommunications
  14. Mohamed Ahmed Awaleh – Minister of agriculture, water, fisheries, livestock and the fisheries resource
  15. Moumin Hassan Barreh – Minister of Muslim Affairs, Culture and endowments
  16. Yasin Hussein Bouh – Minister of Energy and Natural resource
  17. Hassan Idriss Sambrieh – Minister of labour & Administration Reform
  18. Moumina Houmed Hassan – Minister of Women and Family Affairs
  19. Amina Abdi Adan – Minister of Rehabilitation, Housing and Environment
  20. Hasssan Houmed Ibrahim Secretariat of the Minister of economy, finance and commerce
  21. Xamaduu Mohamed Armiye –  Secretariat of Minister of Interior and Decentralization
  22. Mouna Osman Aden – secretary of state for social affairs
  23. Xasan Maxamed Kaamil – Secretary of state at the Youth and Sports


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