A delegation leading Somaliland parliament speaker meet USAID Higher Officers

USA – (warsoor) – Somaliland parliament speaker along with delegations whom in America nowadays meet USAID higher officers on Thursday at agency head-quarter. Both parties discuss donation offered Somaliland and possible further extension support.

USAID heads told Somaliland delegation that the agency provides Somaliland direct support for about 30% of its donation. They added financing Somaliland in improving economic growth, government capacity buildings, democratic reform system and Somaliland elections.


Mr. Abdirahman Irro Somaliland Parliament speakers as well as the chairman of opposition part WADDANI gratitude USAID agency higher officer for their continue supports and funds to Somaliland people and government.  In addition to that, Mr. Irro demanded USAID agency to augment Somaliland donation up to 20% as to cope with Youth issue development, job creations and the challenges of critical droughts which severely left livestock depended on the life of rural people as well as the economy of the country.

Somaliland delegation led by parliament speaker demanded USAID agency to double donation and support in election, capacity building National parties and protection democratic process of Somaliland.

Parliament speaker’s delegation had special meeting to USAID department of technical experts of parliaments and call for technical assistance for Somaliland parliament.

USAID higher officers acknowledged Somaliland delegation for their visit and welcome their demands, they pledged to deal with anything possible within a short of time period.

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