WADDANI Opposition Party Leader Registers For the Upcoming Election

Hargeisa – (warsoor) – Mr. Abdirahman irro waddani opposition party leader as well the speaker of parliament has officially registered the upcoming presidential and parliament election on today at Hargeisa.

During his voting registration tour he was accompanying by his wife and some highly officials of the party. After the register WADDANI party leader Mr. Irro spoke to the media and expressed his point of view.

“I’m  very delighted that I have registered today at Hargeisa city, especially Khaira square which is historical place in accordance of Somaliland era”, Says Waddani Chairman Mr. Irro.

On the other hand, he acknowledged to Somaliland people for having registered smoothly and participated in the voting registration carried out in the last four regions: Togdher, Awdal, Sahil and currently underway Marodi-jeh region.

He encouraged to the public to fully take part the registration who hopefully expect to finalize at Marodi-jeh at tomorrow on 27 May 2016.

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