UN To Host ‘Global Refugee Forum’ In Geneva

The United Nations is hosting its first ever Global Refugee Forum to help deal with the “unprecedented numbers” of refugees across multiple nations. The forum is slated to begin on Monday in Geneva, Switzerland.

Host countries are under pressure because many refugees have stayed in these countries longer than in past years. The UN’s new protection chief said she hopes for civil and business engagement as well as financial help.

“What we are hoping for, and we have very optimistic indications at the moment, (is) that we’ll get significant financial commitments, both by governments and through the lending facilities,” stated Gillian Triggs.

Around 3,000 people, including world leaders, are expected to attend the event to discuss the situations in troubled countries like Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria and Venezuela.

The agency is calling for more support for displaced Afghans, who are said to be the single largest group of asylum seekers in Europe.

Source: OAn

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