Twin Car Bom Explosions rock Muqdishu

Mugadisho – (warsoor) – A terrorist attack targeted at Adan-ade Airport and Halane Policy Academy which AU forces base occurred in Muqdisho. At least 13 people were killed and nearly 19 people left injured, security officials said.

Bishar Abshir Police Commander at Banadir region unit spokes to media says, “Al-shabab militants launched two car explosion at around 9’oclock nearly by Airport. A car parked in near Airport detonated and left 13 people dead and 5 others almost injured so far”.


Latest news update confirm more than 19 person were injured, Medical staff from Madiina Hospital are challenges injures assisting.

The first explosion rocked and left mass casualties to the civilians and Adan-ade Airport and Halane AU Force base. The deadly people were mainly security guard of Airport and AU Base.

Alshabab militants claims the responsibility of the attack.



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