The national policy for women is misinterpreted, say Somali government

Mogadishu – (warsoor) – The Somali federal government has on Thursday said that the national gender based decision which the Somali cabinet of Ministers has unanimously passed is misinterpreted.

The Minister for Information of the federal government of Somalia honorable Mohamed Abdi Hayir Mareeye has addressed the press after a very ill speedy speculation against the national gender issue has spread all over the countrywide.


The most sensitive side of the story is when the Somali religious clerics have released a communiqué against the gender issue which was endorsed by the Somali cabinet of Ministers.

In response to the communiqué released by the Somali religious clerics the Minister for information Mareeye has strongly insisted that the national population has misinterpreted what the Ministers have signed.

“I would like to inform the Somali citizens that there is a baseless gossip which is roving around the country, the Ministers don’t just pass whatever that is brought before them they always read and read it thoroughly and analyze it before the final decision, so I would like to inform the citizens in particular the religious clerics to stop the illusion, and have trust on their government” said Minister Mareeye

The Somali religious clerics said in their communiqué that in the signed gender policy there are some articles which are absolutely contrary to the Islamic religion, and cannot be accepted in an Islamic nation like Somalia.

Written by: Mohamed Omar Hussein



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