The expansion and upgrading Berbera port will boost Somaliland economy

axmed-yasinBy: Ahmed-yasin Mohamad Jama.

Political and economy analyzer

Somaliland government signs a historic agreements with UAE. On 10 MAY 2016, A great day for all Somaliland.

International investment for Somaliland means recognition, economic growth, and more employment for the youths and attraction for the remainder of the world and international major companies to invest other areas of interests.. UAE’s DPW and Somaliland signed a huge investment deal for expanding Berbera port. DPW will invest hugely in developing, enlarging, modernizing, and expanding the port to compete with other ports in the region.

 Not only that, The UAE will also invest in the realization of Berbera Corridor road that links Somaliland to Ethiopia. At the peak of that, in that respect there are other agreements that include the support of agriculture, which is one of the would-be the backbone of Somaliland economy, energy, electricity and tourism.

The UAE will also establish the five-star hotel in one of the resorts in Berbera. UAE will play a vast role in training Somaliland government employees to reach or achieve the aim of good governance.

This huge investment will undoubtedly increase or double Somaliland’s GDP and will contain our standard of living into the next stage… This investment is relatively secure and will generate huge regular income which will in the end lead a potential growth to our economy.

As you all aware, our neighbours and competitors of Djibouti, Boosaaso and Mogadishu ports were all expanded and upgraded recently by the Chinese, Turks and Saudi Arabia respectively, so why not Berbera, can those who are opposing it tells us the reasons. How are we to bolster our major state coffer? My advice to all Somali landers is to welcome any positive investment that knocks our way.

We should not follow blindly with those mindless individuals who are opposed or fighting this huge investment for our nation and our people.

Public investment builds the nation’s capital stock by devoting resources to the basic physical infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, rail lines, ports, airports, and water distribution), innovative activity (basic research), green investments (clean power sources and weatherization), and education (both primary and advanced, as well as job training) that leads to higher productivity which then leads the entire nation to higher living standards.

 The gains from public investment benefits all, not just those undertaking the investment, the government or Berbera city alone, but to the entire country businesses.

Public investment provides a near-term boost to the job market, based on research showing that infrastructure investment is about the most efficient fiscal support one can provide or propose to a depressed economy.

 Simply there is as well an enormous measure of economic evidence demonstrating that public investment is a substantial long-run driver of productivity increase—and hence the growth in average living standards. When we all aware the economic benefits that this Berbera expansion will generate, I will like to ask those who are opposing this Berbera deal, to explain the nation, why this investment is not good for Somaliland.

When you are opposing or against something, then one must provide the reasons or the disadvantages of the matter. We thank for the president and the government for this deal that will no doubt take the Somaliland economy to the highest level .

AhmedYasin Mohamed Jama


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