Somali president nominates 2016 electoral commission

Mogadishu – (warsoor) – The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia His Excellence Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has on Thursday in presidential decree nominated 21persons who will be chairing the national forthcoming election in the country which will be held in August 2016.

The task of this electoral commission will be to set a national detailed plan to ran the 2016 General Election, the schedule of the election and to announce the exact date and when the election will commence.

As per stated in the Presidential decree the names of this commission were selected from national and regional levels.

The President has in the early part of this month of June nominated an electoral commission which had 9 Ministers from the national and the regional administrations, but after several prominent politicians opposed to the list of the electoral commission appointed by the President the entire of those Ministers were omitted from the list.

Below here is the names of the President nominated persons:

  1. Omar Mohamed Abdalla
  2. Burhaan Elmi Hirsi
  3. Mustiim Wayd
  4. Mohamed Keynan
  5. Saed Jama Ali (Qorshel)
  6. Nafisa Geddi Santur
  7. Mohamed Ali Diiriye
  8. Abdiraxmaan Sheikh Mu’awiye
  9. Deqa Yasin Xaji Yousuf
  10. Saciido Maxamed Mausciid
  11. Aweys Abukar Sokorow
  12. Sahra Abdi Xusen Jama
  13. Abdiaasiis Sheikh Xusen Dayib
  14. Salad Ali Ibrahim Atoos
  15. Adan Abdinaasir Mohamed
  16. Abdullaahi Salad Yarow
  17. Yaasiin Abdi Jaamac
  18. Ahmed Mohamed Saed
  19. Fardowsa Mohamed Du’ale
  20. Amina Abdullaahi Dherow
  21. Raho Mohamed Janaqow

Written by: Mohamed Omar Hussein



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