Somali Police arrest 7 Al-Shabaab suspects in Beledweyne town

Beledweyne – (warsoor)- Somali Police Forces have on Monday arrested 7 suspects of the militant group of Al-Shabaab in Beledweyne town in Hiiraan region in central Somalia after security operation there, SONNA reported.

Beledweyne Police Commissioner, Ali Dhuh Abdi told reporters that the operation is aimed at ensuring the security and held those suspects during the operation.


“The Police Forces conducted an operation throughout the town of Beledweyne this morning, we arrested 7 suspects during the operation, we will do more investigation towards these men, let people show calm, our objective is to ensure the security”, Mr. Dhuh said.

The commissioner assured for locals that the suspects will be released if they are not found guilt, requesting from the community to work with the police.

According to SONNA reporter, Abdishakur Osman in Beledweyne, there is a massive operation in the region this region.

AU and Somali government forces are in the operation against the militant group of Al-Shabaab.

By Mohamed Osman “Black Cobra”

Source: Sonna

This post is also available in: Somali

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