Seafood delight: Harry Ramsden’s makes every effort to create something new

The story begins in Guiseley, West Yorkshire (England), where in 1928 Harry Ramsden started the first fish-and-chips takeaway. With over 40 outlets now, the brand has been operating for almost 90 years and customers keep coming back. Everything adheres to the same high quality established by the original Harry Ramsden’s in 1928.

Discovering Harry Ramsden’s in Jeddah was not difficult because there are many fish-lovers here by the Red Sea. Fried fish is delicious for those who love to dine on marinated and crispy seafood with delectable appetizers.

Harry Ramsden’s makes every effort to decorate in traditional style, and this is true of every outlet. The restaurant ambience invites you to dine; there is even an old-fashioned booth with a telephone next to the table. There are photos on the walls of the first Harry Ramsden’s.

Restaurant manager Bashir Zormani suggests the best-selling appetizer: Lemon garlic mussels with cream, lemon and garlic paprika with calamari, crushed black pepper and paprika. He says how the unique batter is prepared is a well-kept secret.

The fish is always fresh, and the perfect chips are made using only the best potatoes. The butter milk sauce is imported from the UK to guarantee the unique taste of Ramsden’s fish and chips. It is this dedication to continuing the founder’s traditions, says Zormani, that helps the restaurant to always serve the tastiest fish and chips. Every week the restaurant creates a new menu so customers will keep coming back.

The main course was full of mystery: Seafood pasta marinated in garlic powder and white pepper paprika. A seafood dinner is not complete without lobster, and we had a remarkable spaghetti lobster with marinara sauce. The lobster was cooked to perfection, and each bite made us long for more.

But still the meal was not complete without the signature fish and chips, which is a representation of Ramsden’s journey to, and passion for, the best seafood. I took a bite dipped in sauce, and it was a delight: Well-fried fish with a rich taste.

The best part about this creativity is playing with spices and herbs and discovering a taste that is continuously sought after. Zormani tells us that customers appreciate Harry Ramsden’s desire to create an endless variety of new recipes.


Source: Arab News

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