Kuwait detains Brotherhood activist

Cairo – (warsoor) – Kuwaiti authorities had detained an Egyptian dentist over links to a Muslim Brotherhood group arrested there in July, Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai reported Sunday.

The suspect, identified by his first name Islam, had been arrested at the Kuwait International Airport on Friday upon his arrival from Turkey, the paper said.

He had left Kuwait for Turkey in summer following the uncovering of the Brotherhood cell by Kuwaiti authorities.

In investigations after his detention in Kuwait, the man admitted to having links with the eight-member group arrested in July and later handed over to Egypt where they are convicted in terrorism cases.

He also admitted to involvement in transferring funds to the banned Brotherhood in Egypt. Kuwait extradited him to Egypt on Saturday under a security pact between the two countries despite attempts by some Kuwaiti Brotherhood lawmakers to keep him in Kuwait or to deport him to Turkey or any other country except Egypt, the paper said.

Al Rai quoted sources close to investigations as saying that the man is likely a relative of a defendant in violent acts in Egypt, including torching churches.

There was no immediate comment in Cairo.

Egypt experienced a spate of militant attacks after the army deposed president Mohammad Mursi, a senior Brotherhood official, following enormous protests against his rule.

Egyptian authorities have accused the Brotherhood of involvement in violence and designated it as a terrorist organisation.

Source: Gulf News

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