David Cameron and Somalia

Mogadishu โ€“ (warsoor) – The current British Prime Minister David Cameron has on Tuesday chaired his Ministerial cabinet session, and will be leaving the position on this Wednesday coming.

This is a file photo which I have taken with the PM at his office 10 Downing Street, ย and had an interview with him about his first international meeting with Somalia.


PM Cameron is a leader who has been giving keen consideration to Somalia and benevolently supported Somalia compare to the other Prime Ministers in the UK who have been in the office before him.

During his tenure as the British PM he has supported Somalia in terms of humanitarian, security and diplomatically.

David Cameron is remembered to have been the figure who has orchestrated the dialogue between Somalia and the breakaway state of Somaliland before it was transferred to Turkey.

The government of PM David Cameron has allowed for Somalia to reopen its embassy in London, and it was during his time in office when the queen of England has received credentials from the Somali ambassador to UK since 1991.

David Cameron has appointed an ambassador to the Somalia capital Mogadishu, and has assured that the UK embassy should work effectively, unlike the other western embassies which have their embassies in Nairobi Kenya, instead of Mogadishu, but have their titles as embassies working in Somalia.

In the conclusion I hope the new British PM Theresa May, will continue the amicable bilateral relation between the two countries from where David Cameron has left.

ย Written into Somali Version by: Yusuf Garad Omar

Translated into English by: Mohamed Omar Hussein

Source: sonna

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