Chairman of Somaliland Diaspora Agency meets with Somaliland Community in Tanzania at Dar Es Salaam City

Hargeisa – (warsoor) – The Community of Somaliland in Tanzania warmly received Chairman of Somaliland Diaspora Agency Mr. Abdi Abdillahi Hersi (Dayaxweerar) and the Chairman held a meeting with the community at Dar Es Salaam on Sunday 8th May, 2016.

The Somaliland Community Tanzania Committee, businesspeople, elders, women and other intellectuals attended the meeting. The chairman briefed them about the situation of the country and talked to them about the importance of strengthening mutual communication and strong relations between them and the country. He praised them for how they are strong, doing business and interacting with the nation of Tanzania.  Mr. Dayaxweerar advised the businessmen and   wealthy people of the community to participate in the potential investment opportunities available in their country of origin, Republic of Somaliland and at the same time contribute to   the national development and in times of emergencies.  He also counseled them to enter for the Somaliland campaign for international recognition at their host country, Tanzania.


On the other hand, Chairman of Somaliland Community in Tanzania, Mr. Bashir Aden Ibrahim and other members of the committee, businessmen, elders and women members spoke at the meeting firstly thanking visit of the Chairman and Somaliland government for the efforts to strengthen cooperation with this community. They pointed out how they love their country; Somaliland and that they are organizing high level commemoration in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Somaliland regaining Independence 18 May 2016.

 There is a large number of  Somaliland nationals roughly estimated nearly 100,000 population  mostly being the people  born in Tanzania and people who settled and lived in that country for a long time.  They have actively engaged and interrelated with Tanzania and have high participation in business, politics and all the structures of  Tanzanian state.

Source:  Somaliland Diaspora Agency

Head Office: Hargeisa, Republic of Somaliland

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