Chairman of Somaliland diaspora Agency Meets Somaliland Community in Ottawa, Canada

Canada – (warsoor) – On his many global tours, the Chairman of the Somaliland diaspora Agency, Mr. Abdirahman Abdullahi Hersi, met at this turn with the Somaliland Community in Ottawa, Canada. It was a meeting diligently organized by the community and in particular spearheaded by the Somaliland representative to Canada – her Excellency Amb. Loula Osman.


The Chairman, in his presentation, outlined and explained the mandate and functions of the Agency and illustrated the achievement so far made, the short and long term plans and the goals the Agency intends to accomplish.

Mr. Hersi passionately encouraged the participants and the community at large to get involved in the development of their homeland and actively participate in the abundant opportunities that exist in Somaliland. This, he stated, could be in the form of investment, volunteering their knowledge and skills with the overall objective of helping Somaliland achieve its quest for sustainable development and progress.

Somaliland representative to Canada shared the floor with the chair and delivered, as always, a notable statement on the occasion. Her Excellency urged the Ottawa Community to think outside the box and organize their community in a manner that serves their local needs and at the same time engage in the promotion of the Somaliland cause.

The Community members in their part asked questions, expressed their opinions and at the same time put forward recommendations aimed to further enhance the participation of the diaspora in the development of Somaliland.

The meeting ended with an encouraging note where the participant left debating and thinking about the positive roles they could engage in and the contributions they could provide.

Source;  Somaliland Diaspora Agency

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation

Hargeisa, Republic of Somaliland


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