A Somaliland citizen whom said directly to Prince Charles, ‘Am from Somaliland a country whom you colonized and neglected now’

London – (warsoor) – A Somaliland citizen whom has met Prince Charles at Bigrahim Palace whereas held for the 40th anniversary of Charles Trust Charity and said, “I’m from Somaliland a country whom you had colonized and now neglected”.

Mohamed Cumar was the Youth Ambassador for Prince Charles Trust Charity. He was among special honor guests invited the 40th Anniversary of this organization.

Mr. Mohamed speaks on how was invited said brother I was invited a highly noble ceremony participated in more the 5,000 honorable public figures. This ceremony was held for the 40th anniversary of the foundation this organizations which is belongs Prince Charles. I used to work this organization as a young Ambassador, which I had dedicated to help a needy youth. Consequently, I (Mohamed OImar) Pixie lott who is signer and a few journalists has been invited to welcome on the stage the Prince”.

Speaking the short dialogue among Mohamed and Prince Charles said, “When he shake my hand he said are you from Somalia, and I said him no I came from Somaliland and which is a country you had colonized for a long time ago, but you have neglected now. Then he laughed and said in a jokey way, Do you have still any antagonism, which he intended an aftermath of the colony. I have told that we are now sovereign state which reasserted its independence, but neglected by the world.


Mr. Mohamed Omar demanded Prince Charles who share 18 May celebration festival with him and Somaliland people. The prince congratulated Somaliland people in very highly respected manner way.

Mr. Mohamed Omar who lives in UK is one of the key Somaliland youth who fight for Somaliland recognitions and willing to have made tangible progress which sparks the efforts of Somaliland youth who live in Europe.


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