5 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

We all like to think our teams are being as productive as possible during their time in the office. However, studies show that this isn’t always the case.

In fact, chances are that your staff could be getting more work done if you implement just a few simple changes in the way things are in your office. We’ve come up with 5 of these that you simply can’t go wrong with.

1. Discourage multitasking

The world we now live in asks for multitasking. This leaves many people trying to do more things at once, believing that will help them be more productive. Still, experts say multitasking comes with huge downsides. Firstly, if your team members are trying to multitask, they’re probably experiencing stress and fatigue. On top of this, multitasking also makes them more likely to make a mistake which is definitely something you don’t want to happen. So, in order to increase productivity at work, make sure your employees tackle their tasks one by one.

2. Go green

There’s no need to say that green offices are a huge trend today. More and more businesses are trying to lower their impact on the environment by being more conscious about how green their offices are. In the end, it turns out that what works for the planet, works for humans as well. What we’re trying to say is that by going green, you’ll make your employees more productive. For example, relying more on natural light is going to have a positive effect on both their mood and productivity. Also, by keeping potted plants in your office, you’ll reduce noise level and improve air quality in it, which is something you should always aim at.

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3. Say no to social media

Nowadays, it’s simply impossible to avoid social media. In fact, many people have to use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for their work. But, the problem with social media is that it can easily draw your employees’ attention and make them less focused on their work. While you simply can’t prevent your team members from using social media for their work, you can try discouraging them to use it during their breaks. This means they’ll receive less information during their work hours, which will result in them being less stressed out and being more focused on their work.

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4. Design a break room

Break rooms are a part of a modern office that often ends up being overlooked. Still, many companies use these and designing one yourself is something you simply can’t go wrong with. If you provide your employees with a break room, you’ll be encouraging them to take both mental and physical breaks from their work which is guaranteed to improve their productivity. Just make sure you get your break room design right. This means you’ll want to get comfy furniture and quality floor rugs for it. You might also want to get a coffee machine and a big-screen TV.

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5. Hold standing meetings

Long meetings with your employees probably take too long. Even though these are necessary for your business to keep operating, you might want to think about making your meetings take less time. Studies have shown that holding a short standing meeting can be as effective as a standard meeting and even lead to increased group arousal. Just because standing meetings usually don’t take too long, it’s still a good idea to prepare yourself for the topics that’ll be discussed and come up with questions you intend to ask. Moreover, you’ll also want to encourage participation as much as possible.

Follow these 5 ways and you’ll soon see your employees getting more work done. Just make sure you keep looking for new ways to increase productivity at work and you’ll put your business on the path to success.

Source: innmind