The Somali FM says Minister IGAD head of States of summit will be held in Mogadishu

Nairobi – (warsoor) – The Somali foreign Minister honorable Abdisalan Omar Hadliye addressing the press in the Kenya capital Nairobi has announced that forthcoming IGAD conference will be held in the Somali capital city Mogadishu on the 10th of September.


The Minister has added that the presidents of Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Djibouti, South Sudan, and Ethiopian Prime Minister will be among the leaders attending the summit.

The purpose of the summit is to support the peace and development in Somalia and to show solidarity.

Minister Hadliye also said in his press conference that this conference will washaway the idea of the terrorist group that Somalia is not a safe place for international delegates to arrive and have their confidences.

Finally the Somali foreign Minister has appreciated the tireless efforts and supports of IGAD for Somalia at the right time.

Written by: Mohamed Omar Hussein


Source: SONA

This post is also available in: Somali

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