Telesom Leading the World with Its Latest Innovation

Hargeisa – (warsoor) – Telesom ‘’Mobile Money Exchange’’ is a latest bureau de change service that helps subscribers to change currencies at a tap on their mobile phones. At rates regulated by Somaliland central bank, the company has set up short codes for their customers to directly change currencies of their preference with an ease and at the comfort of their homes or anywhere else anytime.


Licensed money changers who are regulated by the central bank of Somaliland are given platforms by Telesom to run their business of exchanging currencies. This simple, advanced innovative process of mobile money exchanged has taken traditional ways by surprise, which means registered Telesom mobile money customers don’t need to physically go to a money changer, they simply exchange their money on their mobiles phones.

This inclusive, free of charge money financial solution was launched by Telesom in late march 2018, with the vision of safe, secure mobile financial solution to truly transform the financial lives of Somaliland people.






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