KULMIYE Party Leader Sends his Condolence

Hargeisa – (warsoor) – Mouse Bihi Abdi KULMIYE Party leader send his sincerity condolence to Britain and Somaliland government for the death of Abas Idris formerly known as John Draystel whom died Hargeisa on Sunday.

gudoomiye_muuse_biixiOn behalf of KULMIYE Party the chairman and presidential candidate of KULMIYE party Mouse Bihi send his deep condolence to the family members, Britain government, Somaliland government and throughout of Somaliland people for the late Abaas Idiris formerly named John Drystel .

cabaas1Abas Idris converted to Islam in 2009, he was British citizen whom lived in Somaliland since 1943. Abas Idris (John Drystel) was a scholar who established a foundation called Cadastral Survey carried out tremendous surveying project in farms.

Kulmiye Leader stated that Mr. Abas Idris was an author written Somaliland history many books and has play vital role Somaliland agriculture development section.

Finally, chairman of KULMIYE Party prayed Allah to award the late Fardowza heaven.

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