ISIS elements in Somalia planed terror attacks foiled, 7 computers for the use of the terror displayed

Mogadishu – (warsoor) – Banadir region police have on Saturday night displayed 7 computers, cellphones, a vehicle packed with explosives and a list of names of Somali youths who were organized to carry out terror attacks in Mogadishu.

The display was made at the famous Daljirka Daahsoon monument at Bondhere district in Mogadishu.

Banadir region police commissioner addressed the press and told them that the perpetrators are in hand, and there is thorough investigation underway.


“Here in front of you tonight, you can see some of the things which the terror groups use to terrorize the Somali people and the nation itself, I will urge to Somali citizens to closely work with the police and you should not allow these terror group to take cover in your houses” said Banadir Police commissioner General Ali Hirsi aka Ali Gaab.

Banadir region spokesman Mr. Abdifatah Halane has also said that the apprehending of these explosives and the mastermind is a great success for the Somali people.

The Somali Intel personnel have been of late seriously engaged in securing the security of the capital city Mogadishu.

Written by: Mohamed Omar Hussein

Source: sonna

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