Government Seeks one million petition signature for Somaliland Recognition

Hargeisa – (warsoor) – Ministry of Foreign affairs organized petition signature campaign for Somaliland recognition, a delegation leading the General Director held meeting in Borama city.

This meeting participated in Governor of Awdal region Mr. Mohamoud Ali Suleiman Ramah, government officers and member of city council of Borama district.

agaasimaha_wasaaradda_abdiraxmanGeneral Director of ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr. Abdirahman Abdilaahi Abdeq clarified the essence of the national petition and the way is performing, “we come her to obtain one million Somalilanders’ petition signatures that we could look for on how Somaliland receive international community for recognition”.

DG of Ministry of Foreign affairs narrated the process of filling the petition form by writing name, phone number and person’s signature. Those too old or illiteracy will be written their names and put thumb stamp on petition form.

badhasabka_awdal_ramaaxGovernor Awdal region Mohamoud Ramah welcome ministry of foreign affairs call and encourage to the people of  Award region full participation, Mr. Ramah said, “Indeed, I’m very proudly inspiring to write their name, phone numbers and signature easily on the petition paper and that is the only thing we are required”.

Mr. Omar Ileye Jimaale deputy of city council mayor of Borama speaks locations executed the Somaliland recognition petition program.

“Ministry of Foreign affairs started petition program in Amoud maayer_ku-xigeenka_booramaUniversity, today in this conference all the republic of Somaliland officials, governor of the region, city council management gathering as to all take in national petition signature campaign”, said deputy mayor of Borama.

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