Biden, Xi Come to Table with Clear Strategies

U.S.A – (WARSOOR) – President Joe Biden meets virtually with Chinese President Xi Jinping from the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Washington, Monday, November 15.

Monday’s virtual meeting between Biden and Xi is their first face-to-face, president-to-president encounter since Biden took office: The two spoke by phone in February and September, and then-Vice President Biden met in person with then-Vice President Xi nearly a decade ago.

As these two very different men face off virtually, they are expected to discuss several weighty topics including cybersecurity, trade, nuclear non-proliferation, and the status of Taiwan.

The White House has downplayed this historic encounter, calling it a “meeting” instead of a “summit.” And analysts say they expect few, if any, concrete commitments to come of their anticipated three-hour talk Monday night.

That may be, analysts say, because each leader appears to be coming in strong with deeply held positions, entrenched personalities, and contrary strategies — all of which will, in effect, likely maintain the current status quo.

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