5 WhatsApp tricks you can use to avoid missing notifications

It can get tough keeping up with your chats on WhatsApp, especially if you’re bombarded with countless messages all day from family, friends and colleagues.

Repeatedly checking your phone to see if you need to reply to an important message can get annoying.

You can use these five tricks to stay ahead of your WhatsApp game:

  1. Mute notifications for groups that are inactive or not too important for you. This turns off the message tone too.
  2. Assign custom ringtones to individuals or groups so you can automatically know the sender (and the importance of a message) when your message tone rings.
  3. If you prefer having your phone on silent most of the time, you can play around with the vibration settings. The duration of a vibration can be set at long or short for particular chats. All you have to do is go in a particular chat, touch the name of the contact, select custom settings and go to the vibrate option. You can choose the durations from here.
  4. Notification lights can be set up for chats you really don’t want to miss. You can find this under the name of “light” in the custom settings.
  5. Use WhatsApp’s high priority notification feature which allows previews of notifications to appear on the top of your screen. It can be disabled for chats you don’t think are important.

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